The Beaver represents my brother, Waylon. I chose the beaver because it said it represents building skills, and he likes Legos. The Bird face represents my dad. I chose the bird face because I thought it was cool. The Wolf represents my mom. The fish represents my sister, Melody. Last but not least the face represents me. I thought the face was cool!

A problem that I had was that I had to redraw it because it was leaning right and it got smaller as it went up. Then I fixed it by: before I redrew it I made a straight line through the middle of the paper and stayed on that line as I went up. Another problem was that I didn't know what color paper to glue it to. How I fixed it was: I had Kae-Leigh tell me her opinion and I liked her opinion. So I took it.

I LOVE it! I think it turned out wonderful. I was kinda worried about cutting it out. But I think it turned out REALLY good. I like how it sticks out on the yellow paper.


I had a trouble with painting. I kept painting a color over a different color. Then I had to paint over the other color again. Don't miss a day in art! I like how the brown looks, chocolate brown looks really cool! I think I would've liked to put more color on the top part. It is kind of blank.


I picked my those symbols because I thought they were cool. I liked those designs and that is the reason I picked them.

I had a problem with getting into the little spots with the sand. I used colored pencil for the white and brown which kind of sucked because I would have liked it all to be sand.
I am very happy with my panting. In some places it doesn't look like the other side, but it can't be perfect.