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  1. The reason I choose a snail is I didn’t want to do an animal with feet from the beginning. I could of done a snake but I thought that it would be to plane. I looked up animals without feet and a snail popped but then and there I decided to do a snail. When it come to the designs I wanted to do rain drops so I did them on the shell it ended up looking like a sun so I did it in yellow. The pink lines on the body I messed up and I found out it looked cool so I kept doing it.
  2. I had a lot of problems making the animal; the most difficult one was when it came to the colors of the animal I had no idea what to do. The second one was the eye to stay up, they kept falling down so I stuck wads of paper under the eyes and it dried to the point I wanted them.
  3. I am proud of myself of actually finishing the project. I give up a lot and don’t finish things. I am so happy with my animal I put so much work into it. It looked good in the end.