I did my unicorn because I think they are awesome. I really like unicorns, so that is another reason I picked my unicorn. I also wanted my paper Mache creature to be unique. I also picked the bright colors to resemble being happy because that’s what I want my personality to show. I added the mustache and crazy eyes because I thought that that would add to my unicorn being unique, and it would be funny and make people laugh which I enjoy doing.

Sketch to Finish:
I think that my finished project was pretty different from my sketch. I took out my pegacorn’s wings because it would be to much of a challenge to try to keep the wings on the body. I also ended up doing different eyes and adding the mustache. Another thing that was different was that I didn’t have a rainbow and used different colors. I did keep some designs, like the circles with dots in the center.

I faced a few problems. Some including not being able to finish exactly when most people did, causing me to take my project home. I faced many problems with the legs trying to make my unicorn stand up. I also had a hard time trying to splatter paint only the face, legs, and tail. I did have a great finished project though.